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United States & China: The image of the globe’s two superpowers, July 2013

Publics around the world believe the global balance of power is shifting. But while China’s economic power is on rise, globally the US remains more popular than China.

值得仔细推敲的一张图哦~ 要记住的是:这是个全球宏观统计出来的。


2014年的全球和平指数~ 我想说战斗民族毛子很抢眼啊~~

Global Peace Index, 2014

From where countries import the most ?

看图说话:从哪个国家进口的最多呢? 我看到了好多五星红旗......

Sources : http://atlas.media.mit.edu/,  


The Rise and Breakup of The Mongol Empire .

到现在,家乡的很多蒙餐馆都供奉有成吉思汗或忽必烈画像在墙上~ 俺家里也挂着一副,和毛爷爷半身瓷像招相呼应。。。。。。

Where you want to be born in the world.

The chart shows the score of a country between 1-10. If you want to know how they calculate it. Here is the link.



|Worldwide Passport Power (Source:X

Most and Least Studied Places on Earth: Google Scholar Results for <Country>

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It’s also mapped Per Capita and Per Km, with a full article explaining the details of how it was done.

2014 Global Peace Index | 2014 全球和平指数 |

Published on 18 Jun 2014 —View Original

We are living in the most peaceful century in human history; however the 2014 Global Peace Index shows that the last seven years has shown a notable deterioration in levels of peace.

The Global Peace Index...


Map of national identity card policies

Source: celacanto (reddit)


R Code.

maybe this one is better to see to boarders between the Non-Compulsory identity Card countries.

Visa requirements for Chinese citizens (Source

P.S:可怜的CN人民 孤立无援啊~连朝鲜都不给力 借机可以去尼泊尔~

Visa Requirements for Americans   (Source

P.S:显然美国人在毛子和中东人眼里没那么友好哦。。。哦 还有朝鲜~

图1:Literal translations of Chinese names for Asian countries by xyuksr (reddit)   More literal meanings maps


图2:Why is [country]. Google autocomplete from Egypt all searches were translated from Arabic to English by mega-t More autocomplete maps


Freedom of the press worldwide in 2014




Interesting to compare it with the map in 2013. Looks like Poland and Venezuela got better while Guatemala, Mali, and Angola worsened.

Beautiful Maps of Countries Made Out of Real Food

MORE:Stop playing with your food

East Asian Pollution

Interactive map 亚洲空气污染:实时空气质量指数地图


It uses the US EPA AQI (Air Quality Index). That measures a number of different pollutants. A number of 100 indicates that the worst measured pollutant is at the EPAs “safe standard” for that pollutant.

The scale is as follows...


1.The World according to Google | is…    (by Hell_Libertine (reddit)

2.Yet another Google Autocomplete: “In [State] what is ____? (bysharktopuskracken)

3.Top Google Autocomplete results for “Why does US state / Canadian province have / so many / so much x...

The gas pipeline map that shows why the crisis in Ukraine affects all of Europe

Globalization Index


Population density world map


A map of the legal systems in the world

要是你觉得生活生贫富差距悬殊 就查下这个 找个适合你的国家好了~

Mapping income inequality around the world

The Gini coefficient is a number between 0 and 1, where 0 corresponds with perfect equality (where everyone has the same income) and 1 corresponds with perfect inequality (where one person has all the income—and everyone...

Planetary missions and their destinations |

So what do you think - has NASA become Mars obsessed?
A recent proposal for a floating spacecraft that would explore Titans’ hydrocarbon seas was rejected in favour of another Mars mission. Is this interest justified, or are NASA playing it safe?

An interactive singles map of the U.S.

这个图很有参考价值~ ``````` 分享给在国外的朋友们~

So you know, electrical socket map of the world

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